Good Samaritan

 Richard had been diagnosed with Hepatitis C, a deadly liver infection that, left untreated, would likely kill him. But he couldn’t find anyone who would help him access the lifesaving medication he desperately needed.

Then the Sarasota resident heard about Good Samaritan Pharmacy and Health Services in Nokomis. His income — less than 200 percent of the federal poverty level, or $23,760 for an individual — qualified him for free care and medication.

He came to the clinic during its Wednesday night walk-in time about four months ago, and within a week, the clinic’s patient advocates had helped him sign up for a free cycle of the drug Harvoni, which at a cost of $99,000 for a three-month treatment cycle, would have been impossible for Richard to afford on his own.

When he came back the following week, the drug had arrived and he started taking the medication. Three months later, his liver was clear of any infection. He was cured.

“They saved my life,” Richard said during a checkup appointment with Dr. Sheeba Mesghali-Morales, the clinic’s medical director and a full-time internal medicine and pediatrics physician with Gulf Coast Medical Group in Venice.

“I finally found someone who wanted to help me.”

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