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Good Samaritan

Jeff is a middle-aged man who came to the GSP back in 2009.  He had had a heart attack.  He had worked as a manual laborer and had subsequently lost his job.  He had trouble finding full-time employment during the economic down turn.  He had no insurance coverage.  He needed several medications:  Plavix, Coreg, Vasotec, Lipitor and Nitrostat.  GSP was able to get all of these for him for at no cost.

During one visit to our pharmacy, we noticed Jeff was particularly depressed.  Jeff had a serious medical condition, no job, and no medical insurance.  On top of that, his wife divorced him.  He ended up with no place to live.  We sensed that he was more down than usual so we took him aside so he could talk to someone about his problems.  He talked about how hard life was and whether it was worth it.  We made sure he got to a doctor and was treated for depression. He was prescribed sertraline which we were able to supply for free.