Pharmacy & Health Services, Inc.

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Good Samaritan

We provide free patient advocacy services to assist clients with their applications for free and low-cost prescriptions under the manufacturers compassionate care programs.


GSPHS collaborates with LECOM school of Pharmacy.  LECOM provides the pharmacists that staff our pharmacy to dispense medication and to provide the consulting services to our patients.

The pharmacy dispenses free selected generic medications to preapproved clients from our on-site pharmacy on Tuesdays.  The pharmacy also dispenses to our walk-in medical clinic patients on Wednesday evenings.  Our on-site pharmacy also provides free over-the-counter products to qualified patients.  Items include cough and cold medication, pediatric medicines, bandages, adult diapers, etc.

GSPHS also provides free health screenings, blood pressure measurements and glucose testing at a variety of community outreach sites.