Good Samaritan

April, a single, middle-aged woman with no prescription insurance who is suffering from chronic back pain.  Due to her injury she is unable to work and is seeking full-time disability.  Until her disability is approved she is using her savings to cover her living expenses, doctor. visits and her medications.  Some family members and friends are also helping her out with food and, at times, a place to stay. 

About two months ago April hit rock bottom…….her father passed away (where she is currently staying) and her family members have told her they must sell the house.  In order to pay for her medications and day to day expenses, she started supporting herself using her credit cards.  She felt she had nowhere to turn and ended up in the hospital.  It was there that she learned about our services.

When she first met with us, April was in obvious pain (she was not able to take her medications as prescribed) and was very, very down.  It was hard for her to tell us about her situation without breaking down.  She was very concerned about how she was going to continue to take the medications she so desperately needs as she is now “maxed out on her credit cards.” 

We were able to fill some of her prescriptions in our pharmacy and helped her fill out paperwork for several manufacturer programs and mail order programs.  She has been back to our office several times since this initial visit and you can see in her face a little sense of relief to know she will be able to get the medications she so desperately needs.  For April, knowing she can use what little she has to “get by” and purchase food is giving her the strength to continue to pursue getting her disability approved and has helped relieve some of the stress she had every minute of every day. 

Imagine if this happened to your family member or friend.  Could you help them?  If so, for how long?  Would you know where to direct them to get help? 

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